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The intelligent solution for on-site surveys, sales quotations and more…

If your business involves carrying out on-site surveys or inspections and follow-up actions such as generating sales quotations, then Draggon is the great way to save time, improve accuracy and get ahead of your competition.

Work quicker

Draggon's unique interface allows you to drag your product icons onto your floor plans to build up your survey, all on your smartphone or tablet.

Work smarter

Draggon allows you to detail quantities, product specifications, sizes etc, to a plan, then export in your preferred format.

Work without limit

Draggon has no limit to the number of products or floorplans you can use. You can copy entire floor plans, complete with all product information.

Cloud based

Draggon is a cloud based application which will securely store all data you have entered on the app, but is also able to share these into professional looking business documents such as reports, quotations, estimates, covering letters and, of course, marked up floor plans.

Easy to use interface

Draggon’s unique interface allows you to use your smartphone or tablet to drag your product icons onto your floor plans. The system allows you to detail quantities, product specifications, sizes etc, and it allows you to take photographs and to make notes.

Offline enabled

Draggon will work with no internet connection, so you can work in any kind of environment safe in the knowledge that the minute you’re connected to the internet, you can synchronise all of your work up to your Draggon account in the cloud.

Auto generates quotations and other key documents

The Draggon app format can be tailored to incorporate your designs, layouts and logos and they’re exportable out into the common editable formats such as Word and Excel, or into PDF if you prefer.

Supports all mobile platforms

Draggon is designed to run on all three main mobile platforms; Windows, Android and iOS. The versions of the mobile operating systems we support are Windows 10 and above, Android 7 and above and iOS 10.3 and above.

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